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The rights of the insured PATIENTS

  • to choose the healthcare provider, as well as the health insurance house to get insured,
  • to be included on the list of a family doctor they request, bearing the transport expenses if the option is for a doctor in another town;
  • to change his / her chosen family doctor only after the expiration of at least 6 months from the date of being added on his / her list;
  • to benefit from the basic services package in a non-discriminatory manner, according to the law;
  • to benefit from reimbursement of all expenses incurred during hospitalization with medicines, medical equipment and paraclinical investigations to which they would have been entitled without personal contribution; the reimbursement of expenses represents an exclusive obligation of the hospitals and is done only from their incomes, on the basis of their own methodology;
  • to carry out prophylactic controls, under the conditions established by the framework contract;
  • to benefit from preventive health care and health promotion services, including for the early detection of diseases;
  • to benefit from medical services in the ambulatory and in hospitals in contractual relation with the health insurance houses;
  • to benefit from emergency medical services;
  • to benefit from some dental care services;
  • to benefit from physiotherapeutic treatment and recovery;
  • to benefit from medical devices;
  • to benefit from home health care services;
  • to be guaranteed confidentiality of data, especially regarding diagnosis and treatment;
  • to have the right to information in the case of medical treatments;
  • to benefit from holidays and health insurance benefits in accordance with the law.

Here is the list of services that are not settled from the fund, their value being borne by the insured, the units that request them, from the state budget or from other sources, as the case may be:

  • medical services provided in the case of occupational diseases, occupational and sports accidents, medical assistance at the workplace, medical assistance of athletes;
  • some high performance medical services;
  • some dental care services;
  • hotel services with a high degree of comfort;
  • aesthetic corrections performed to persons over 18 years of age, except for breast reconstruction by stenting in the case of oncological surgery;
  • some medicines, sanitary materials and types of transport;
  • the requested medical services and the issuing of the medical documents requested by the authorities that through their activity have the right to know the health status of the insured persons;
  • in vitro fertilization;
  • medical assistance on request;
  • the value of some materials necessary for the correction of sight and hearing;
  • personal contribution from the price of medicines, medical services and medical devices;
  • the medical services requested by the insured person;
  • some services and rehabilitation procedures;
  • services provided within the occupational diseases departments / clinics and occupational medicine offices;
  • hospital services requested by patients whose conditions are treated in day hospitalization;
    family planning services provided by the family doctor in the planning offices of the hospital structure;


  • to be on the list of a family doctor;
  • to notify the family doctor whenever changes in their health occur;
  • to submit to the prophylactic and periodic checks established by the framework contract;
  • to inform within 15 days the family doctor and the insurance company about the changes of the identity data or the changes regarding their classification in a certain category of insured persons;
  • to strictly respect the treatment and the indications of the doctor;
  • to have a civilized conduct towards the medical-sanitary personnel;
  • to pay the contribution due to the fund and the amount representing the payment / personal contribution, according to the law;
  • to present to the medical service providers the supporting documents attesting the quality of being insured.

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