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What documents do I need for hospital admission? – SEE HERE

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Our schedule 

Manager: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8.30-9.30
Phone: 0771 731 940
Email: andrei@consultmed.ro
Medical Manager: Wednesday, Friday: 9.30-10.00
Email: delia@consultmed.ro

Spokesman for SC Consultmed SRL:

Dr. Delia Reurean-Pintilei
0232 233 387

Media access for SC CONSULTMED SRL

Media delegates have the obligation to attend the reception of the institution for identification. The media representatives will have unlimited access in the following situations:

  • when they accompany an official delegation (Minister, Secretary of State, etc.) with their agreement;
  • accompanied by the manager


Arranging interviews within the unit

Interviews within the Medical Center will be granted only by the MMR (spokesperson) in compliance with the following rules:

  • no discriminatory references will be made to the patient’s ethnic origin, nationality, race or religion as well as his / her eventual disability;
  • in no way will the identity of a person who is a victim of an offense regarding sexual life be disclosed unless the person has given written consent;
  • information on: persons under treatment, personal data on health status, problems of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, circumstances related to the disease and other various facts, including the result of an autopsy will be made available to the media representatives only with the consent of the person, or in the case of a person without discerning ability or deceased, with the consent of the family or the relatives.

The MMR (spokesperson) will accompany the media representatives if they wish to interview a patient, but will allow this only after the patient has given written consent regarding his interview.

Written agreements regarding the provision of information on health status, medication, treatment, physical condition, etc., or on taking interviews in the form of audio / video recording or photo, will be given on the form “Written agreement of the patient”

 The MMR will take care that the movement of the media representatives within the unit is done only with the appropriate badge and robe.

Fiscal data of SC Consultmed SRL:

Tax code: 15101747
Register or Trade: J22/1468/2002
Bank: Transilvania Bank
Legal address: Str. Canta nr. 49, bl. 520 , Iasi, jud. Iasi